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Roasting Tray Bundle

£2,498.00 incl. VAT

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Our Tasty Trotter Large Hog Roast Oven Roasting Tray Bundle offers theatre and ease of carving not found on others. This machine option uses a roasting tray method which allows you to static roast all varieties of meats in a large tray with very little need to monitor during the cooking process. Simply fill the large roasting tray with a pig, lamb, chickens or anything else you would like to try and roast as you would your oven at home.

Our dual walled stainless steel construction maintains heat more efficiently making it incredible durability and ensures it will last you for years to come.

With this machine you can cook on a set of four trays that sit on top of the oven while you are cooking a pig or other meat on a spit below. This allows you to cater for more people by using the trays for extra joints of meat or to warm your stuffing or even to cook vegetable like roast potatoes to go alongside. Once the main spit roasted meat is cooked you can position the spit above these trays onto the carving arms, these offer a four-way carving system. Here you can easily carve into the trays below so you have everything you need in one area keeping the everything nice and warm.

If you are not cooking using the large roasting tray then you can also use two rows of trays in the machine to roast anything you like exactly as you would with a normal oven. You can cook joints of any type of meat, large fish, turkey or anything you might fancy trying.

The possibilities you can offer to your customers with this machine are endless. It is ideal for a traditional hog roast but there is no need to focus on just that – you have the freedom to try whatever you like. We offer a full range of accompanying accessorises from Pizza Cradles to Roasting Cradles (a Motor and Bracket would need to be purchased separately to fit any rotating accessories) for joints and chickens that make this oven truly unique and versatile. These can all be added on to expand your business at a later date once you have set up with this Large Hog Roast Oven Roasting Tray Bundle.

• Large Hog Roast Oven
• Roasting Tray

• 6x Roasting/Carving Trays

• Temperature Probe
• Spanner
• Gas Hose and Swaged Regulator
• Measuring Jug

• Conforms to the highest safety standards – CE approved by a notified body
• Burners powered by bottled Butane or Propane, motor-mains 240v or can be run from a battery via an invertor (not supplied) for outdoor use in remote locations
• Complete with 6 stainless steel roasting/carving trays for keeping meat or stuffing warm or cooking vegetables whilst cooking meat with lid either open or closed
• Unique 4 position carving cradle positioned at a comfortable carving height
• Double skinned body for strength and heat insulation. Can cook a full pig up to 80 kilos (approx. 7 hours cooking time)
• Features a handle at the front end so the oven can be wheeled into place by one person
• Fully adjustable twin burners with spark ignition and covers to prevent fat blocking burner holes
• Features two castors wheels with brakes and wide front wheels suitable for use on soft ground. All wheels are solid so no risk of flat tyres
• The bottom of the oven is tapered so excess fat flows towards the drain hole for collection during the cooking process
• Tray slide under drainage hole to ensure fat is caught in a tray when on the move
• Largest oven of its type on the market with a build quality to ensure great second hand value in the unlikely event that one day you will want to sell the oven
• British design guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturers defects

Stainless Steel Grades:
• Body: 430
• Retainers: 202
• Spit Shaft: 202
• Trays: 430


   • Internal Oven dimensions:- 13640mm x 602mm x 626mm (LxWxH) – with the oven lid closed
   • External Oven dimensions:- 2140mm x 680mm x 1130mm (LxWxH) – designed to go through narrow doorwarys
   • Heat Input:- 13.5kW (964g/h) when both burners are used on full power
   • Injector Size:- 1.25mm for burners. (certain countries require this changed to 1.1mm, see instruction manual)
   • Types of Gas:- Butane at 28-30 mbar / Propane at 37 mbar / or LPG gas mixtures
   • Weight of oven:- 96kg
   • Maximum weight of meat:- 80kilos
   • Each oven includes a detailed specification booklet, complete with drawings detailing each part of the oven, a parts list and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide.
   • Each oven is CE approved for outdoor use only or use in very well ventilated areas
   • 98% of our professional spit roasting oven is manufactured from food grade stainless steel (body 430grade / spit 202grade).
   • The oven does not have a viewing window as this is not something we usually recommend. Experience has shown us they easily fracture and quickly steam up blocking your vision. We recommend opening the lid to view, as once lid is closed the oven very quickly returns to its cooking temperature
   • Due to the quality of materials used in the manufacture of the oven, cleaning by hand is quick and easy but a pressure washer or steam cleaner will also be ideal. If you use a power cleaner you must ensure the motor and gas train are well protected from water ingression.
   • The Tasty Trotter Large Hog Roast Oven is guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturer’s defects, this of course excludes wearable parts or misuse.


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