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Complete Glass Lid (LHR)

£325.00 incl. VAT

In stock

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Glass Lid (LHR) for the Large Hog Roast Oven. This lid can be used to replace the solid one we include with all our Large Hog Roast Ovens if you wish to have a viewing panel.

Some customers do prefer this option as it can add to the theatre of roasting however please note, we don’t recommend glass windows on any hog roaster. They become greasy easily and steam up very quickly. It is also dark inside and thus difficult to view anything after the first hour of cooking. There are also dangers – if a glass window ever broke during cooking (maybe someone drops a cold beer on it) you would end up not being able to feed your guests, risk injury and would have to pay for repairs. It is much better in our opinion to be able to open the oven, show your customers and let them enjoy the theatrics of this type of cooking. The burners on these ovens are so effective that any lost heat from opening the oven is quickly replaced when the lid is closed again.


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